Friday, May 14, 2010

my hair

getting ready for an overnight hot oil treatment and wash day tomorrow. am planning a super duper deep conditioning treatment, here is what am doing;
-wash with my herbal soap mix (nature feel)
-deep condition; mayo, g-oil, egg, ors replenish
-detangle with suave
-good trim, got 2 get all the single strand knot out.
-moisturize and seal in
-do flat twists...

every little care counts...


Thursday, May 13, 2010

single strand knots...

OMG!!!! i have a lot of single strand knots in my hair. funny enough my hair has been in kinky twists. don't know why i still have the knots. am think of get a good trim at the month or sooner.
can stand these knot i need remedies, i will try pre-poo the night before washes and paying more attention to my ends (moisturizing and sealing).that should help:)

thanks Dammie

hair and workplace…

I did my bc last year September after I left the university, then I wore my hair out in twa, in November I got kinky twists till December . I started a new job in December and by February I decides to start wearing my natural hair to work, it didn’t turn out well, the comments, the looks, the jokes, it really just got to me. I wore my natural hair till march but got tired of the comments. I have very thin fine hair and styling is a challenge. I tried
Curly fro

Flat twist out


I got good review for the updo bun but the gel and brush daily was telling on my fragile hair.
Since then I have not wore my hair out am kind of wait for it to grow out. I know TWA is one of the best times in natural hair, you get to experiment with all kind of stuff but I can get a style that works for my me and my environment.
i will really appreciate your thoughts

thanks Dammie

protective style again!!!

wearing my wig for next two weeks. and going to take of my hair well;
- moisturizes morning and night then seal with oil
- bagging at night
- wash, deep condition, detangled and flat twist on the weekend
- massage scalp with Castor oil

at the end of two weeks i hope to see improvements.

thanks dammie

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kinky out!!!

am taking kinky braids out after one month and one week. the hair still looks good but i did want it to pull out my thin hairs. my hair seem to have grown a few inches.this past month of protective style has helped my ends to looking forward to seeing how long my hair has grown.
after i loosen my hair i will give it a well deserved deep condition of;
ORS replenishing conditioner
ginseng oil
honey and
coconut milk

my hair really needs it. then i go off to wearing wigs for the next couple of months.

Friday, May 7, 2010


this is my first natural hair blog. i did my big chop last November, it was a refreshing moment and am glad i did it. since then i have being learning about my hair and maintain healthy hair the simplest way possible. trying products and finding was works for my hair, i have thin fine natural hair and styling is a challenge(but am up to it). it being a journey and i decided to share it with you.

Enjoy the journey...