Thursday, May 13, 2010

hair and workplace…

I did my bc last year September after I left the university, then I wore my hair out in twa, in November I got kinky twists till December . I started a new job in December and by February I decides to start wearing my natural hair to work, it didn’t turn out well, the comments, the looks, the jokes, it really just got to me. I wore my natural hair till march but got tired of the comments. I have very thin fine hair and styling is a challenge. I tried
Curly fro

Flat twist out


I got good review for the updo bun but the gel and brush daily was telling on my fragile hair.
Since then I have not wore my hair out am kind of wait for it to grow out. I know TWA is one of the best times in natural hair, you get to experiment with all kind of stuff but I can get a style that works for my me and my environment.
i will really appreciate your thoughts

thanks Dammie

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