Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just to share with you what I do to my hair. Nothing is set in stone and it can be revamped at anytime. I will update you on that with time...

• Moisturize (leave-in mix n Shea butter) and Seal (ginseng oil) 2x daily (Morning and Night).
• Clean Hair weekly with herbal shampoo.
• Deep Condition 1x a week (Protein (mayo n egg n evoo) on 1st Sat. and Moisture (moist condition (ORS replenishing) n coconut milk n honey n evoo) on 2nd sat).
• 1x a week I detangle with (suave natural coconut).
• Co wash (suave natural coconut) as needed, after my workout.
• Pre Poo with evoo or hot oil treatment with gin oil the night b4 weekly washes.
• Once a month I do special treatments of black tea rinse.
• Follow up all washes and co washes with leave-in mix.
• Air-dry.

At the moment I don't use heat but when am a year natural I might roller set, to see my actually length...

Till then Dammie....

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